Private Home Salon
Located inside our home, the salon is designed to provide the most low stress and dog oriented spa experience available for dogs under 25lbs. From the gentle water pressure in the raised tub to the large sliding glass door providing a full view of the large backyard with semi alfresco grooming on beautiful days, everything is set up to appeal to dogs.
Services Include
•warm bath with shampoos and conditioner chosen and mixed specifically for each dog •ears are checked and cleaned •anal glands are checked externally and expressed externally • Warm towel dry to remove excess water •leave-in coat products are chosen based on each individuals coat needs •Nails trimmed while they are soft •Warm air hand dry •Coat brushed and detangled, loose undercoat removed •Face, Feet & Sanitary trimmed •nails filed for smoothness •Personality styling •Breed styling
A La Carte
•Nails trimmed/filed $25 •Nails & feet trimmed $30 •Sanitary wash & trim $35 (no heavy soiling) •Face washed & neatened $35 •Thorough brush out for maintenance in between grooming $25+ •Dematting $1/minute